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About Us...

Before we move on to talk about everything about us, let’s look at the following statistics published in Data Reportal.

Imagine a company hiring an advertising agency to develop the most cost-effective offline marketing strategy to ensure maximum customer reach. And another company hired a digital marketing agency to reach out to those 47.61 million people in Bangladesh. Which one would be more successful, we ask you.

Keeping this concept in mind, Merit It operates with our most efficient and professional team of experts that work relentlessly to supersede clients’ expectations.

We understand branding and get to know the target audience by studying the market first. We know that digital marketing isn’t a universal solution. Each business requires tailored marketing strategies to target the audience. This is where Solution Elevate could be your best choice to try out!

Our Goal

Our goal is to identify the target audience of your business and study the market to come up with the most cost-effective and customer-centric solution that will help your business to make the most amount of profit and succeed.

Our Mission

Success of any business lies in the actual connection. Our mission is to forge a real connection with our clients and extending it by forging the best digital marketing solutions for their businesses.

Our Vision

We envision an era where we understand the true potential of the internet. We see a future where we’ll genuinely value the human connection despite building a fully digitalized world. We look forward to growing our business with technology-first concepts to initiate the modernized world. Our vision is to live in a world where people will understand the need for empathy and operate businesses to strengthen a bond with the customers.

Our Values

Our work is shaped and driven by a set of philosophies and core values. We take these values seriously and make sure that we’re never drifting apart from our philosophy.

Authentic Planning

No plan is an excellent plan unless there are some effective strategies in it. But, the strategies should be authentic and specific to the problem that has arisen. We operate after conducting extensive market research and understanding the brand. We study the target audience and identify their needs that we will address. Our planning is strategic and authentic at the same time that will meet your expectations.

Resourceful Collaboration

Before we begin our work, we always consult with our clients after generating a bunch of cost-effective and tailored plans specific to their needs. The projects are then further modified or replaced to meet our clients’ requirements. We believe that true success lies in collaboration among the stakeholders. We maintain the collaboration by being resourceful and believing in each other.

Passionate and Ownership

We’re passionate about what we do. All of us at Solution Elevate love our work and we take ownership of the work we do. If any of us makes a mistake, we try to rectify the problem by working as a team and taking the ownership. The passion we hold for our work is driving us forward to serve our clients with every potential resources.

Effective Growth

We know that no business can sustain much longer without growing. But, our motto is that we grow with our clients. When we provide any service towards our client, we try to evaluate how the potential steps are going to help the client to grow the business. And that’s what we identify as effective growth. If our clients are growing, so are we!

Why Choose Us

If you’re still wondering whether to choose us, let us assure you that we offer the most effective and client-centric solutions that would meet your needs.

A Team of Experienced People

While we are always looking to the future, we are equally proud of our past. Our experts come with years of digital experience, and they’ve evolved with the technology we utilize and the demands of our clients.

We have the extensive technical expertise and creative skills, provide sound advice based on real-world experience, and are always up for a new challenge.

People-centric Operation

When you work with Solution Elevate, you get a talented, competent staff with a wide range of experience and a genuine desire to succeed. We believe that if anything is worth doing, it should be done properly. This involves keeping things simple, measurable, and effective at all times.

We’ve Got All that You Need!

Our full-service digital marketing solution is equipped with everything you may require. Website Development, SEO, SEM, Re-targeting, Email Marketing, Graphic Designing, etc., are to name a few.

We enable the brands with technology to communicate with their audiences. Our firm combines research, design, and advertising operations into one package to establish creative marketing infrastructure, processes, and methodologies. We consider, construct, and develop with the help of a team dedicated to the in-house delivery of end-to-end solutions.